PHX TuffSkin Body Armor - Black
PHX TuffSkin Body Armor - Black

PHX TuffSkin Body Armor - Black

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The PHX TuffSkin upper body suit features high-tech fabric and built-in flexible armor plating. PHX TuffSkin 2-stage body armor provides unmatched range of motion and protection. The base jacked technology is made from highly durable and flexible fabric. The unique fabric blend provides a snug and very breathable base to the armor suit, conforming to the rider at every point.

Heavy duty and modularized exoplates are woven into a triple-layer of padding. These exoplates target the spine, tailbone, forearms, elbows, shoulders and chest. Each exoplate is individually stitched providing constant protection and unmatched durability while enhancing airflow and breathability inside the bodysuit. The suit is secured using 3 reinforced waist straps that provide the final level of protection and allow the armor to stay conformed to the rider without shifting while in use.

  • Arm, chest and back plating modules are fully adjustable through the reinforced buckles at each point.
  • The back exoplating can be removed for lower impact riding.

Youth targeted sizing, S to XL, applying to weight classes from approximately 60lbs to 170lbs. The model in the photo is 5ft10inches, weighs approximately 155 lbs and is wearing the XL size.